Law Of Frequencies

Imagine for a minute a world with no diseases. A world in which we need no medicine or doctors other than surgeons to assemble your broken bone. A world where we have to fear no pathogen, where we need no vaccinations because we could cure anything in hours. And more importantly, we could prevent any infection rather than treat it.

Imagine a world where your body is not only free from disease but also free from implanted nanotechnology controlling your mind. Imagine a complete freedom from them controlling your life. Imagine such a freedom…

As a matter of fact this invention occurred a century ago in America. The genius who made this discovery was named Royal Raymond Rife. Except till about a year ago this science was adamant that each individual pathogen needs its own unique frequency to be blasted with.

Not anymore. Imagine - with use of simple mathematics you could compress endless number of frequencies into just one single number. Imagine that with the use of one single frequency you could not only treat but cure almost any disease known to the human kind.

Imagine or rather be presented with this discovery. There is a scientist who developed and put this theory into practise. And over the last few years this theory became one of the most trivial ways of curing almost anything…

And with use of a simple frequency generator we can achieve just that. The cure for anything practically free of charge… Imagine that!

Simply refer to "The Law of Frequencies" for more details as well as for the most advances frequency calculated based on the latest info on Nanotechnology.

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